“This was the best race ever. The discounted room at the Crowne meant we could access downtown Canberra for a few drinks and dinner after the race which will be a regular annual event for us now. The race was very well organised with fantastic single track and with the glorious finish at Stromlo. The Fling, The Convict and The Punishment are the 3 must do races every year.” Richard Gray, Sydney.

“Race and Relax. 50km of the best single track in Australia and then a super chilled out weekend in Canberra, you couldn’t ask for more!” Hallum Jennings, Sydney.

“So well organised and a wonderful part of the world to compete in and visit with my young family.” Mark Fuller, NSW.

“This would have to be the best marked out track in Australia. Superb organisation with plentiful flowing single track makes it my favourite endurance event.” Kay Haarsma, Adelaide.

“A magical ride taking in some of Australia’s national landmarks and natural beauty, and classic Mtb terrain.” Robert Zadel, Sydney.

“One of the best events on the calendar. Incredibly good fun, really well run and an awesome event all-round!” Robert Foley, Canberra.

“This was our first Capital Punishment event and from go to whoa it was brilliant! The course, the organisation, and the atmosphere were all top shelf. The variety and quality of the trails had us grinning the whole time and the great food at the feed stations ensured we had enough fuel to finish our first 100km event comfortably. Thanks for a great event guys!” Paul Campbell, NSW.

“Capital punishment is a great race and being held in the nation’s capital seeing a lot of Canberra on a mountain bike, what more could you ask for?” Simon Porombka, Canberra.

“This was the best 100km race we have done. Awesome flowing course, well organized and great feed stations. We will definitely be back next year – perhaps having done a little more training – thank you so much AROC!!!!!” Heather McIntosh, NSW.

“First time at this event and everything from registration, people, to track was fantastic! Even people not in the event were friendly and helpful. Enjoyable weekend and plan on doing it again next year.” Sharleen Rea, NSW.

“This was my first MTB race and I’d heard how this event was well run and had a great spirit among the riders. Capital Punishment exceeded my expectations in all respects.” Cam McCarthy, NSW.

“The course is fantastic. 45kms in, I realised I had a huge grin on my face. The feed stations were overloaded with good stuff and everyone was super friendly. Before I knew it I was at Stromlo. Great fun race.” Tim Edwards, Canberra.

“Thank you for a terrific event. The organisation and running of the event is efficient and friendly and the track is great. This is a very inclusive event and caters for the slower 100s extremely well. It is my favourite mtb enduro event! I am very grateful to both organisers and volunteers for consistently providing a great day. Thank you.” Wendy Copeland, Canberra.

“Fantastic event, well organised, awesome volunteers and most importantly, some of the best single tracked linked into an amazing day of riding!” Wayne Bullpitt, Canberra.

“Capital Punishment was what the name made it out to be – a very punishing ride that made my body take a beating in every way. But yet it had some of the best track Canberra – and indeed Australia, perhaps the world, has to offer. The tracks in Kowen Forest and Stromlo are world class facilities that someone, even in the midst of pain or torture, can realize just what great tracks these are.” Tristan White, NSW.

“I travelled from Victoria for the event and, hands down, it is the best 100km event I have completed. Will be back for sure.” Jarrod Stonham, Victoria.

“Capital Punishment was a great event. Extremely well organised, with amazing trails. All of the volunteers were great. The final 5km was awesome, and a great way to finish a tough event.” Adrian Low, Queensland.

“One of the best organised events I have participated in. The 100km was an ideal combination of single track, fire trail and a few Canberra suburbs thrown in for good measure. Support staff were great, feed stations were well positioned and food was awesome.” Ross Ackland, NSW.

“The best event I have ever ridden …..simply awesome!”

“Everyday on a bike is a good one and that was one of the best yet. Great tracks, great event, well done to all involved thank you.”

“Fantastic course. The single track was ridiculous how good it was. And great job on the course markings and the feed stations. They were the best I’ve seen. Thanks to all the sponsors and all the volunteers for their support and time at these stations. Awesome day.”

“I’ve done every year Alina and Tom and co. This year’s 50km was awesome. Keep it the same for next year…..all the volunteers were fantastic and you guys manage to pull everything together so well. Congratulations.”

“Must be the best organized comp I’ve been to. Well done. Looking forward to doing it again next year.”

“100k course was fantastic with little congestion and plenty of flow. Thanks to all of the vollies, lots of helpful smiling faces!”

“Awesome course guys and as for the Danishes at the feed stations……well done.”

“Everything about your event is fantastic. The track marking was awesome, volunteers were so helpful, and the new parcours through the arboretum was a much better option. Well done Tom, Alina and team.”

“Thanks to all the organisers & volunteers ! And a special thanks to some very polite & considerate riders out there for the slower riders trying to have a go. The 50km course was fantastic. My first time on this one, I’ll be back next year & bringing friends.”

“Awesome event . We came down from Noosa , QLD…. See you again next year :..”

“I did the 50. I loved the new course Hopefully it becomes a permanent feature. Well done to all organisers and a big thank you to the course marshals.”

“Yesterday was my first 100km race. Everything was awesome from the track to the organisation. Thanks to the marshals. Awesome event.”

“Only 360 odd days till next year! Cant wait!!”

…and the last word from 2011 race winner Dylan Cooper who has ridden events all over Australia and various international locations: “There was such a great atmosphere, with the mix of elite and non-elite riders. And the race course itself was amazing – fast, with lots of variety, well marked out and linked up some of the best riding in Canberra. Finishing with a loop of Stromlo topped it off nicely. I’ve done a lot of events of various types and sizes and this is the best I can remember.”