Entry Transfers

Transfer of Entry Before 17th February 2015

You are able to transfer your entry online to an acquaintance up to 11:59pm Tuesday 17th February 2015. You need to find the person yourself to transfer your entry to. You also need to sort out payment between yourself and the person taking your entry. To transfer your entry or accept an entry transfer, you should read the following instructions How To Transfer an Entry to Another Rider Before 17th Feb. The person who is taking your entry will also need to pay a $10 transfer fee online to complete their new entry.

Transfer of Entry After 17th February 2015

If you find someone to transfer your entry to after 11:59pm Tuesday 17th February 2015 that is absolutely fine but please do not contact the event organisers. Instead, the transfer must be done by 8pm at the event registration on Friday 6th March 2015 and will incur a $30 administration fee. No transfers are permitted on the Saturday morning of the event. You must ensure that you forward any event specific emails to the new entrant. You need to make the new entrant aware that they must read the Competitor Briefing document.

If you are transferring your entry after 17th February, you do not need to come to the event registration. Instead, the person taking your entry must bring the following to the changes desk at registration:

Transfer Between Event Distances

Transfers can be made between the event distances up until 11.59pm on Tuesday 17th February. Transfers cannot be made between the event distances after this date.

To check the possibility of transferring between the events, please contact us. Include in the subject line of the email: ‘Capital Punishment 2015 Request to transfer between event distances’. In the email, include your name, the event you are currently entered into and the event you would like to change to. You will receive a return email on whether it is possible to transfer between events and if so, how to go about making the change via the entry system.