A participant list will appear below in end of January.  It will not be live.  If you notice you have incorrectly selected ‘Elite’ category or ‘Singlespeed’ category instead of your age group please log into ‘your profile’ (link above) or any ‘user profile’ button to amend the category. The category will be updated on the participant list once a new version is uploaded.

Once start groups are approved in late February 2015, each rider’s start group will also appear on the participant list.  At this point the start groups will be final as they will have been based on sorting through provided results.  Please do not email to request a change in your start group as it won’t be changed at that stage.  The start groups will be purely based upon past results and your start group request.  Please see the competitor briefing for information about the how the start groups will work on the day and how you must start in your designated start group.

CP 2015 Participant List with approved start groups and race numbers

This participant list includes all 100km and 50km entries for 2015 Capital Punishment MTB Enduro.