Transport & Logistics

One of the highlights of Capital Punishment is that it is a point-to-point race. This does however create some logistical challenges of how to get to the start in the morning or how to return to your car after the finish. The easiest way to manage your transport is to convince a family member, partner, or friend to drop you at the start, and then meet you at the finish. However, if this is not possible, you can take one of the free 24 seater mini buses with bike trailers back to the start locations, or you can arrange your own car shuffle. Certainly if you are flying from interstate and have no friends in Canberra, your simplest option is to rent a small car to get you to the start and take the mini bus service back once you finish. Refer below for details of transport options and associated logistics including the bag drop service:

Free Mini Bus Service with bike trailers

There will be six, 24 seater mini buses towing bike trailers from the finish (Stromlo Forest Park) back to the 50km start (National Arboretum Canberra), to Hotel Realm (on request) and to the 100km start (East Kowen Forest).

Mini buses will run from 10.30am through to 6pm. Three of the 24 seater mini buses will have the capacity to take 24 bikes and the other three buses will have capacity to take 14 bikes.  It is a first come, first served basis. The service is free.



It is possible to ride to the start of the 50km race as it is 10.3km from Hotel Realm to the National Arboretum Canberra via quiet roads and Old Parliament House to Commonwealth Bridge, then cycle path over Commonwealth Bridge, cycle path along the Northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin and then road within the National Arboretum. You can then either ride back or catch the free mini bus service with your bike back to Hotel Realm after the finish. If you choose this option, remember your bike lights, as it will be dark before 6:30am.

Car Shuffle

The parking at the finish in Stromlo Forest Park will open on Friday afternoon between 5pm and 10pm, and on Saturday morning between 4.30am and 6.30am.

It is possible to park one car at the finish, and then get a lift to the start with a fellow competitor. Then, once you have both finished and recovered, drive your friend back to the start where they can collect their car.

While AROC will have staff at Stromlo Forest Park overnight and the gates will be locked at 10pm on Friday night we do not guarantee the security of your vehicle and possessions.

Drop off

Ask a friend or family member to drop you (and your riding buddies) at the start line and then collect you from the finish. Or you could ride home, collect your pre-parked car from Stromlo or take the mini bus service back to Hotel Realm.

Transport Notes

It is just under 30km from Hotel Realm to the start of the 100km race via Kings Avenue Bridge, Canberra Airport and Queanbeyan East (far fewer traffic lights) or via Manuka, Fyshwick and Queanbeyan (many more traffic lights). It is suggested that you allow 50 minutes driving time for this trip and for parking at the start.

When exiting the 100km start, please turn left (towards Bungendore) and use the HQJOC roundabout to turn back towards Canberra. The reason for this is because Kings Highway is a major road with a high speed limit and there is not often a safe opportunity to turn right when leaving Millpost Rd.

It is 9.6km from Hotel Realm to the start of the 50km race via National Circuit, Canberra Avenue, Capital Circuit, Adelaide Avenue, Cotter Rd, Lady Denman Drive and Forest Drive. It is suggested that you allow 25 minutes driving time for this trip and for parking at the start.

Bag Drop

There will be a bag drop service from both the 100km and 50km starts, to the finish.

You will be provided with a single large plastic bag at registration which you can fill at the start area and load onto a drop bag truck. The truck will transport the bags to Stromlo Forest Park so they are ready to collect when you finish the race. Race numbers will need to be written on the bags with a thick black permanent marker.

Please note there will be no other bags permitted as a part of this service, however you can put bags inside the provided plastic bag.