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Entry Details

Summary of Important Entry, Refund, and Transfer Dates
Early Bird Entries ($140 for 100km / $100 for 50km)10.00am Wednesday 3rd December 2014 to 11:59pm Saturday 31 January 2015
Full Refund less $303rd December 2014 to 11:59pm 23rd January 2015
Standard Entries ($150 for 100km / $110 for 50km)Sunday 1st February 2015 to 11:59pm Tuesday 17th February 2015
50% RefundFrom Saturday 24th January 2015 to 11.59pm Tuesday 17th February 2015
Entries Close11.59pm Tuesday 17th February 2015 (no refunds given after this date)
Last day to make online entry transfers or online transfers between 100km and 50kmTuesday 17th February 2015

Entries are taken online only via this website. Payment is by credit card and accepted cards are VISA and MasterCard. Online entries to the 2015 event will open on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 at 10AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time. To see the details required for the online entry form Click Here.

If entries have not already sold out, entries will close 11:59PM Tuesday 17th February 2015.

Junior Entry Fee (50km Event)

We are pleased to offer all Junior riders (15-18 years of age) a 50% discounted entry fee of $50.  Junior riders are eligible to ride the 50km event only. Late fees apply as per the table above.  To receive the discount, please email to obtain a voucher code to use when entering.

Amending Your Entry Details

You can login to your entry at any time up until 6pm, 5th March 2015 to amend your personal details. Note: 

  1. You are only able to amend your name, gender and date of birth online for two weeks after you first create a profile with our online entry system provider, Event Plus. After this period you will no longer be able to amend your name, gender or date of birth. If you require to amend your name, gender or date of birth but can no longer do so online please email with the request.
  2. After entries close and/or once your start group request has been approved or re-allocated, you will not be able to change your start group request or past race results. If you need to amend your start group request once it has already been approved, please email with the request. Refer to information on Start Groups.

To log back into your entry, click the ‘USER PROFILE’ button.


Transfers, Cancellations and Refunds

Depending on the date, refunds may not be available. If you can no longer participate in the event please refer to Entry Transfers and Refund Policy to check your available options.